Pulp Studio keeps it green

(Courtesy Pulp Studio)

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As designers and manufacturers of architectural decorative glass for commercial markets, Pulp Studio understands the science behind using glass in architecture for the benefit of solar and insulation performance. The company promotes the solar and green aspects of its products throughout its history, but it also has a commitment to socially responsible manufacturing as part of its “Environmentally Responsible” program.

Pulp Studio has been recycling waste glass for decades and over the past five years also added the recycling of water at a rate of 250 gallons per minute. More recently they have made a major commitment in two additional areas: in the later part of 2019, the company began the addition of recycling of all paint wastewater, bundling and paper waste. They have also signed a contract for the first phase of a three-million-dollar solar panel and battery storage system.

The new solar system should generate daily output in the area of 607.5 kW of power, roughly 40% of the factory’s total daily consumption. Although this new system doesn’t yet completely remove the company from the grid this is a major step in that direction. The five-year plan will add the second phase allowing them to get off the grid completely.

“If the annual savings pan out as projected, our intent is to implement additional solar coverage with the goal to remove the facility from the grid completely,” says Bernard Lax, founder and CEO of Pulp Studio. We look forward to hearing more as Pulp Studio continues this path.

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