2019 Best of Design Award for Unbuilt – Interiors: Life on Mars

Designer: ANAcycle thinktank
Location: Mars

The proposed colonization of Mars will demand the protection of humans inside a closed life-support system, a self-sustaining physical environment separated from its surroundings by a boundary that does not allow for the transfer of matter or energy. As partial reconstructions of the world in time and in space, closed systems identify and secure the cycling of materials necessary for the sustenance of life. Contemporary discussions about global warming, recycling, and sustainability have emerged from the study of closed systems. First, they enable scarce resources to be recycled by being extracted, filtered, and recirculated; most important, though, closed systems convert waste into new viable commodities. Life on Mars is an attempt to design the engineering flow chart that visualizes life support systems almost exclusively with boxes and arrows.


Genetic Engineering Project Consultant: Jestin George

Honorable Mentions

Project Name: The Renovation and Reuse of a Historic Granite Bank
Designer: Musumanoco

Digital rendering of an interior

Unbuilt — Interior: Honorable Mention: The Renovation and Reuse of a Historic Granite Bank (Musumanoco)

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