2019 Best of Design Award for Student Work – Individual: Museum/Park Design
Designer: Alberto Arostegui, Savannah College of Art and Design

This unrealized museum and park concept was designed to bring art, nature, and people together. In order to achieve this goal, the components of the project were divided into three layers: natural elements, art, and the built environment. These layers interact with each other, creating a living composition that reflects the changing of nature and the activities of people. Shifting tectonics introduced into the walking paths further provide changing perspectives on the nature and art. The building itself combines with two of the paths and provides direction through the galleries. The courtyard in the center collects all the site elements in one location and affords guests a still moment in the shifting arrangement.

SCAD Architecture Faculty Professor: Daniel Brown
Support: Priscilla Maura, Sparsh Jain, Mateo Fernandez
Art: Giuseppe Penone, Richard Deacon, David Nash

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