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Foster green spaces with these planters and roof gardens

Grow lush green spaces with these planters and roof gardens. Picture: Shift's Fairmont Tile Planter's arranged in a modular composition in an outdoor garden. (Courtesy Shift)

Amid the concrete and asphalt of urban jungles, planters and roof gardens provide stormwater drainage and a natural cooling effect. These products keep greenery lush.

Stripes Planter Vestre

(Courtesy Vestre)

Stripes Planter

These planters-slash-ottomans function as a modular system of rectangular and semicircular forms that can be combined in various configurations. The units feature rhythmic, vertical stripes of slats encircling a steel frame.

květa mmcité

(Courtesy mmcité)


Designed for the busiest of boulevards and public squares, this generously sized planter provides green space for plants to grow in areas where it would otherwise be nearly impossible. Fashioned from hardwood slats supported by a zinc-coated steel frame, květa is ideal for both cold and warm climates.

Intensive Garden Roof Assembly American Hydrotech

(Courtesy American Hydrotech)

Intensive Garden Roof Assembly
American Hydrotech

Custom designed for the project’s geographic location and specific building requirements, this garden roof assembly accommodates up to 35 inches of growing medium.

Fairmount Tile Planter Shift

(Courtesy Shift)

Fairmount Tile Planter

This aluminum planter system’s modular, rectangular trays can be used to create gardens in a variety of shapes. Each set is flat-packed in a batch of four.

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