It's a Crossover Episode

The Brady Bunch house gets thoroughly renovated for a new reality show

Property brother Drew and Jonathan Scott and the remaining cast of The Brady Bunch on the show’s iconic staircase. (Courtesy HGTV)

After it was announced last year that television channel HGTV was behind the $3.5 million purchase of the Brady Bunch house, originally built in 1959 in Studio City, California, fans were left in the dark about what might lay in store for the iconic home. That is until HGTV announced the premiere of its latest reality show: A Very Brady Renovation.

The 90-minute premiere episode aired on September 9, which begins with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott and a few of the original stars of The Brady Bunch conducting an in-depth tour of the home. That included informing the audience that the majority of The Brady Bunch, which aired on CBS from 1969 to 1974, was actually filmed on a soundstage, while the home purchased by HGTV was merely used for establishing shots (a common trick when filming TV shows). They then announce that the goal of A Very Brady Renovation is to replicate the well-known soundstage set interiors within the home. The house has been completely renovated, and subsequent episodes will reveal the project’s incremental progression.

Photo of the exterior of a low-slung residential home

The Brady Bunch” house at 11222 Dilling Street, Studio City, California (Courtesy Douglas Elliman)

In order to recreate the original show’s 15 unique interiors within the home, the team had to build out an additional 2,000 square feet, requiring the construction of an extra floor, and expanding the home’s footprint into more of the 12,500-square-foot lot. This proved to be a heady challenge, as the house had to maintain its relatively modest street presence. The additions were necessary to replicate the show’s truly cavernous living room interior and its particularly iconic staircase. No detail, however, was seemingly too small to ignore: the distinct 1970s-era fabric patterning found throughout the original stage sets was almost entirely recreated with the aid of documents courtesy of CBS, while antique stores throughout Southern California were scoured for furniture identical to what was featured on the show.

What will happen to the home after it has been renovated, however, has not yet been disclosed, but it will likely be revealed at the end of A Very Brady Renovation.

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