Getting Passive

Wayne Turett erects his own Passive House on Long Island’s North Fork

Blending-in with the local architectural vernacular, the new Greenport Passive House is inconspicuously carbon-neutral. (Courtesy Turett Collaborative)

As the days get shorter and nights turn crisp, the summer’s end is fast approaching. But before the crowds head home from their beach holidays and popular destinations like Long Island’s North Fork, AN Interior highlights one last éténale project. Set in the picturesque harbor-town of Greenport, Long Island is Wayne Turett’s Passive House; an incredibly efficient home the celebrated New York architect and principal of boutique practice Turett Collaborative designed for himself. Programmed to blend-in with the local barn vernacular, the new inconspicuously-innovative home was developed based on three years of intensive research. The entirely carbon-neutral project demonstrates what a more rigorous set of Passive House standards can achieve in addressing the climate crisis while not compromising on contemporary expectations of comfort and style.

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