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New openings: Design-build window systems and hinges for specialized projection

(Courtesy Katerra)

Hinges for Restricted Opening

For those applications where opening outward just won’t do, these windows are framed in systems that allow for specialized projection.

Phantom 5000 Tubelite

(Courtesy Tubelite)

Phantom 5000

Offered in awning and casement profiles, this zero-sightline window is outfitted with an invisible insulating barrier system that provides water, thermal, air, and structural performance. Hidden from the exterior, the hinging system can be opened from the side or bottom of the window.

250 Series Non-tilt Side-Load Window Boral Windows

(Courtesy Boral)

250 Series Non-tilt Side-Load Window
Boral Windows

Boral’s 250 Series from the Legacy Collection of low-E vinyl windows welcomes a new non-tilt side-load typology. It is offered in three colors: pebblestone, clay, and white.

TSX2500 Hopper Window Arcadia

(Courtesy Arcadia)

TSX2500 Hopper Window

Ideal for facade applications with restricted projection, this bottom-hinged window tilts inside from the top. It is configurable in single, double, and multiple window layout arrangements.


These specialized window systems make construction easier and more affordable by streamlining the design, prefabrication, and installation by the manufacturer.

Katerra-designed windows

(Courtesy Katerra)

Katerra Windows

Katerra has launched a new suite of products designed to lower costs at each phase of design and construction processes. According to the manufacturer, “This lineup includes a collection of made-to-order windows that are produced in highly specialized factories and delivered to the job site one week from the time of manufacture.”

Easy Connect Joining System Andersen

(Courtesy Anderson)

Easy Connect Joining System

This new large window system is assembled from smaller subgroups that are factory assembled and ready to install directly into openings with the necessary joining components. The streamlined manufacturing process drastically reduces the number of installers required for on-site assembly.

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