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Vincent Van Duysen converts Antwerp convent into boutique hotel

At August, the eclectic creativity of the Flemish building styles throughout the centuries meets an understated soulful modernism, creating a perfect blend of both public and private space. (Robert Rieger)

Famous for his minimalistic and at times brutalist aesthetic, Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen espouses a refined yet textured design vocabulary. Whether developing a new product, interior, or full architecture project, the creative polymath seeks out pure yet tactile materials that, combined together, can achieve a timeless quality. Beneath the surface, Van Duysen’s craft-led methodology allows him and his team to treat each new assignment with a tabula rasa approach; taking into account context, history, and the physical experience of the user. Considerations of durability, luminosity, and comfort are also crucial to his practice. Van Duysen’s highly-luxurious projects can be found in retail, hospitality, workspace, and private spaces throughout Belgium and Europe. A few are located in the United States.

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