Swisspearl's new surface feature, Largo Vintago, is natural, lively, and unique

(Courtesy Swisspearl)
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Swisspearl presents the brand new product Swisspearl Largo Vintago. The mineral material of fiber cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural authentic, lively, and unique look.  

The sanding process, using a coarse grit, produces a natural, raw surface that highlights the original purity of the fiber cement panels. In an interplay between light and shadow, characteristic irregularities and nuances in tone accentuate the uniqueness of each product.

Vintago is a through-colored fiber cement panel. Various sizes, cuts, and colors offer a full range of combinations. This gives both the exterior and interior of a building a multifaceted and aesthetically beautiful look. The large-format Vintago panels offer architects and builders numerous benefits and special features.

Learn more about Vintago by visiting Swisspearl’s website. They will be happy to send you a product sample or arrange a one-on-one consultation with you.

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