We asked designers: What are the 2019 kitchen color trends?

(Courtesy BLANCO)

Color is everywhere—in our homes, offices, cars, clothes, and the surrounding natural world. According to the experts, color affects us on a deep subconscious level, transcending beyond the visual spectrum to influence our moods, feelings, and activities. To learn more about the impact of color in the kitchen, BLANCO recently surveyed architects and designers to uncover current and future trends.

According to 67 percent of designers surveyed, gray and white are dominating kitchen designs this year. Not only for paint and cabinetry, these smart neutrals populate the sink area, as well, and 54 percent of designers anticipate that sinks are moving towards white and gray tones. Homeowners are looking for a timeless and transitional kitchen design that also makes a personal statement.

The gray trend is very timely considering BLANCO’s brand new SILGRANIT® sink color, Concrete Gray. Clean, organic, and extremely balanced, Concrete Gray is at home in both urban and natural settings. Its revolutionary warm red and cool blue undertones make it BLANCO’s most versatile color yet. Right on trend, Concrete Gray is the perfect fit with a wide array of countertop and cabinet designs.

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