The Village

Cold War dystopia comes back in New York gallery show

Detail of Nueva York Sigue Creciendo by Jorge Rigamonti, 1967 (Courtesy Helena Correa Rigamonti)

The Village, an upcoming show at New York’s Carriage Trade gallery, will revisit Cold War–dystopia through the art of several contemporary artists.

According to a statement from the gallery, the show will look at “contemporary modes of surveillance and ‘civic management’ courtesy of both private and state-sponsored actors” through the lens of the 1960s sci-fi television show The Prisoner. In that show, a British man was mysteriously placed in an uncanny town where he was held captive and monitored by relentless and inscrutable state surveillance. The gallery show will draw comparisons between the fantasies of fifty years ago and the realities of today.

The artists participating in the show include: Gretchen Bender, David Deutsch, Harun Farocki, Andrew Hammerand, Jenny Holzer, Craig Kalpakjian, Margia Kramer, Jorge Rigamonti, and Julia Scher.

The Village
April 4—May 12, 2019
Carriage Trade
277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10002

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