2018 Winding Down

Weekend edition: Women in architecture aren't hiding but face challenges in the field

Doriana Fuksas was recently snubbed by an Italian prize committee that ignored her contribution to her firm's work. (Courtesy Fuksas)

Missed some of this week’s architecture news, or our tweets and Facebook posts from the last few days? Don’t sweat it—we’ve gathered the week’s must-read stories right here. Enjoy!

Madame Architect op-ed

Instead of asking where are all the female architects, start writing about their stories, says Madame Architect. Pictured here left to right: Nicole Dosso, Danei Cesario, and Alda Ly (Courtesy Madame Architect)

Stop asking where all the female architects are; we’re right here

Madame Architect editor Julia Gamolina weighs in on the tired, problematic question: Where are all the female architects?

Murray Moss leading a graduate-level workshop at the RISD Museum. (Courtesy Rhode Island School of Design.)

Design legend Murray Moss discusses the future of “anti-disciplinarity”

The design legend gave two lectures and graduate-level workshops this past semester at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Photo of Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

Architects are rallying behind Doriana Fuksas after a prize snub. Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas are pictured here. (Image via VOW)

Architects rally behind Doriana Fuksas after prize snub

This month two groups started a petition demanding that Doriana Fuksas be included in a lifetime achievement award given to her partner Massimiliano.

49 Hopkins Avenue from the adjacent Burnett Avenue entrance

49 Hopkins Avenue from the adjacent Burnett Avenue entrance (Courtesy Google Maps)

San Francisco orders historic Neutra home be rebuilt after being torn down

After an illegal demolition of one of the five remaining Richard Neutra–designed homes in San Francisco, the homeowner was ordered to build an exact replica.

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