2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Young Architects: Runaway

Designer: SPORTS
Santa Barbara, California

Runaway is a mobile pop-up pavilion first developed by SPORTS for the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. With the goal of bringing art to underrepresented neighborhoods, three self-similar, open-structure objects were designed to reference the foggy and hazy climate of California’s coastal region. The collection’s orientation and composition is intended to be rearranged at different sites. In each deployment, the project generates public space and arts programming for underserved communities. Runaway illustrates the potential for small architectural objects to add a robust and ephemeral layer to urban centers—one that repositions the city as a series of small episodic moments rather than grand architectural interventions.

Honorable Mentions

Project name: Noodle Soup
Designer: office ca
Location: Lake Forest, Illinois

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Young Architects: Noodle Soup, office ca (Zane Shaffer)

Project name: Malleable Monuments
Designer: The Open Workshop
Location: San Francisco

2018 Best of Design Awards honorary mention for Young Architects - Malleable Monuments

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Young Architects: Malleable Monuments, The Open Workshop (Abraham Chan)

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