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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Small Spaces

2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Small Spaces: Sol Coffee Mobile Espresso Bar, Hyperlocal Workshop (Courtesy Hyperlocal Workshop)

2018 Best of Design Award for Small Spaces: Sol Coffee Mobile Espresso Bar

Designer: Hyperlocal Workshop
Location: Longmont, Colorado

Designed by Hyperlocal Workshop, Sol Coffee’s Mobile Espresso Bar is a fully solar-powered espresso bar built on the frame of a 1979 Toyota Dolphin. Providing a full-service cafe experience, the design utilizes a hybrid lever-pull espresso machine. The truck offers a quiet atmosphere for coffee patrons to enjoy a cup in almost any location. Its massing evokes the Rocky Mountains—where the truck is located—and features a significant angled roof area for a 1.4kW solar array. The skin is composed of lightweight polycarbonate panels that reflect incoming sunlight from the interior and exterior. Additionally, the rear opens to host guests while a lowered main floor allows the barista to be in direct contact with his or her patrons.

Honorable Mentions 

Project Name: Cabin on a Rock
Designer: I-Kanda Architects
Location: White Mountains region, New Hampshire

Cabin on a Rock

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Small Spaces: Cabin on a Rock, I-Kanda Architects (Matt Delphenich)

Project Name: Birdhut
Designer: Studio North
Location: Windermere, British Columbia

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Small Spaces: Birdhut, Studio North (Mark Erickson) 

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