A total solution for mechanical systems

UBER Diamond Controls

Heating and cooling systems are responsible for a significant portion of a building’s total energy costs. One way to keep these costs under control is through the use of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. These sophisticated, electronic-based HVAC systems perform best with manufacturer involvement to ensure correct programming and operation.

VRF-specific sequences and programming are included, for example, with Diamond Controls® Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS).

This technology and services package works with mechanical systems from multiple manufacturers to provide real-time insight into building system performance and trends, plus it includes VRF-specific programming and support from the Solutions Group from METUS. By specifying this system, architects can ensure that building managers have comprehensive control of mechanical systems from a single interface.

While Diamond Controls work with systems from other manufacturers, working with one company for both product and integration removes some common frustrations associated with building integrations. The Solutions Group from METUS is involved in every step of the integration process, including design, programming, installation, training, and start-up, steps that are typically handled by multiple third parties. By offering a single, integrated solution through a reliable provider, METUS improves the efficiency of the integration process and reduces the risk of miscommunication.

For more information on the advantages of Diamond Controls, visit www.mitsubishipro.com.

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