Fabcon Sketchboard: Your personal space for all things precast

As an architect, it’s not uncommon to spend hours searching for answers and inspiration. That’s why Fabcon created SketchBoard™—your personal depository for all things precast.

“When we redesigned our online experience, we wanted to do more than talk about us—we wanted to add value,” said Joy Svoboda, marketing manager at Fabcon. “By giving users a way to easily retain and revisit the things they found most useful and inspiring, we can finally do more than just give information. We can help our customers put it to good use.”

SketchBoard allows you to earmark and collect project photos, technical resources, and articles for future reference—guaranteeing that the things you find will be in one place. Virtually anything on the Fabcon website can be saved to a personal dashboard. Plus, signing up is easy and free.

“We’re excited to see how things evolve,” added Svoboda. “We’re hard at work developing additional features and functionality. Creating group boards and sharing content, for example, are two ideas we’re pursuing.”

SketchBoard was created to spread the word about precast, as well as remind those who have worked with precast first-hand, the power of Fabcon.

You can experience Fabcon’s SketchBoard here: FABCONPRECAST.COM

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