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Buckminster Fuller's rarely-seen works are coming to Los Angeles

Edward Cella Art & Architecture in Los Angeles will display a selection of rarely seen models and drawings by Buckminster Fuller this fall. Shown: Geodesic Structures - Monohex from 1981 (Courtesy Edward Cella Art & Architecture)

This September, Edward Cella Art & Architecture will present R. Buckminster Fuller: Inventions and Models, an exhibition highlighting original prints, models, and other objects created by 20th century architect, engineer, inventor, and artist R. Buckminster Fuller 

According to the gallery, the exhibition—the first of its kind in Los Angeles—will unveil models and drawings typically kept in private collections and will “represent an opportunity to reflect upon [Fuller’s] comprehensive perspective on the world and humanity.”

Buckminster Fuller. (Courtesy Edward Cella Art & Architecture)

Buckminster Fuller. (Courtesy Edward Cella Art & Architecture)

Specifically, the showcase will focus on Fuller’s so-called “Inventions Portfolio,” a limited-edition print collection of pioneering design innovations that include the 4D House, the Dymaxion Car, and the Geodesic Dome, among many others. Fuller holds more than 30 patents on a wide range of inventions and products and is widely recognized as the inventor of the geodesic dome.  

Buckminster Fuller’s Motor Vehicle- Dymaxion Car from 1981. (Courtesy Edward Cella Art & Architecture)

Buckminster Fuller’s Motor Vehicle- Dymaxion Car from 1981. (Courtesy Edward Cella Art & Architecture)

Other works on display will include: a series of wire and steel “tensegrity models” that express structural design principles via repeatable geometric elements, sculptural models depicting Fuller’s Closest Packing of Spheres and Duo-Tet Star Polyhedras concepts, and the Dymaxion Rowing Needle, a 21-foot dual hull rowing shell intended for use on choppy waters. 

The exhibition, which opens September 8th, is being produced in collaboration with Carl Solway Gallery and will be supplemented by a series of public programs highlighting scholarship into Fuller’s work. Programs include a presentation by Fuller’s design partner, architect Thomas T K Zung, and a discussion between Allegra Fuller Snyder, Fuller’s daughter and founder of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and David McConville, the Institute’s chairperson. 

See the Edward Cella Art & Architecture site for more details. 

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