Small Miracles

We asked designers: What are the best strategies for small spaces?

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Compact kitchen outfitted with BLANCO products
Compact kitchen outfitted with BLANCO products

Is tiny living a sustainable lifestyle? And what design options are available for small spaces? BLANCO reached out to designers and fabricators, asking what their top choices are to help maximize small kitchen spaces. 

Ninety percent of those surveyed said quartz or granite is the best surface for counter spaces in tiny homes. Both materials allow for easy maintenance, durability, and the best functionality for limited spaces. These key components are important throughout the kitchen, including in sinks and fixtures. BLANCO’s patented SILGRANIT® material is heat- and chip-resistant and comes in a multitude of sink designs, making it an easy choice for tiny kitchens.

Kellie McTyre of Garden State Tile told us that functionality is key, and she recommended smaller sinks with drain racks. The BLANCO PRECIS™ sink is an obvious choice with its compact sizes (24 inches and 27 inches, among other sizes), undermount feature, and floating grid, all of which make it extremely functional in spaces of all sizes. The floating grid feature allows for more counter space, offering a convenient drain rack that’s perfectly sized to sit approximately four to five inches off the PRECIS sink bottom. This second sink level can act as a prep station, extra counter space, a dish drying rack, and more.

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