Buildings should enable their occupants to live the way they want to.

The next generation of private home elevators is going to appeal to architects, designers, and engineers looking for solutions that are beautiful but still practical. These elevators are slender, chic, affordable, and luxurious—and are designed with home living in mind.

With well thought-out design and a combination of simplicity and style, modern home elevators are slimline, fast, and whisper-quiet. Some, once installed, even plug straight into a standard power socket, making them extremely energy efficient with no hydraulics or any major structural work required.

A modern home lift can be fully installed and functioning in most instances within a day, causing minimal disruption to a project or planned schedule.

A through-floor lift model, such as one of these ‘everyday living’ home elevators by Stiltz Inc, is particularly desirable because of its versatility. Modular in design, it does not need to be fixed to a wall and can be installed practically anywhere in the home, offering a distinct advantage over its hydraulic counterparts.

The premium end of the private lift marketplace even has home lifts that accommodate two passengers—and more—but do not eat into precious floorspace thanks to their compact footprints and distinctive, capsule-shaped cabins.

Elevators can be bought as standard or bespoke models, such as these high-end residential elevators from Lifton. These include a selection of neutral colors, stylish transparent shells, and contemporary, ambient LED lighting, options that will match any interior design. With the user moving from floor to floor seamlessly, it is high living at its finest.

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