The U.S. is the biggest consumer of wine in the world, surpassing even the French (since 2000).  We connect wine with food and also to relax with friends or family. Wine is a pervasive part of the culture and it influences design as we incorporate a love for wine and entertaining into home environments.

The topic is very timely given the launch of BLANCO’s new EMPRESSA™ kitchen faucet collection. Inspired by their German heritage, the EMPRESSA™ collection features a stunning silhouette modeled after the shape of vintage wine presses found across Europe and offers four faucets in four finishes to fit a wide range of spaces for size and functionality.

BLANCO’s award-winning design team recognized this important trend that sees a fusion of old-world influences and contemporary style in today’s kitchens. Traditional finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze are making a comeback in kitchens, even as modern design is surpassing traditional styles. The result is a transitional look with one foot in the familiar past and another in the functional present. It’s really the best of both worlds.

To learn more about BLANCO’s wine-inspired EMPRESSA™ faucet collection, click here.

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