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In Ballroom Marfa’s “Hyperobjects,” the scale of ecological crisis stretches human perception

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In Ballroom Marfa's
In Ballroom Marfa's "Hyperobjects," the scale of ecological crisis stretches human perception. Untitled (Plastic Cups) by Tara Donovan, 2006. (Ellen Labenski/Courtesy Pace Gallery)

Ballroom Marfa
108 E. San Antonio St Marfa, TX
Through October 14

Hyperobjects is co-organized by philosopher and Rice University professor Timothy Morton and Ballroom Marfa Director and Curator Laura Copelin. It looks at Morton’s theory in addressing the prevalent ecological crisis faced by the world today. Morton asks pressing questions of global warming, plastic in the ocean, and nuclear waste in his 2013 book, Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World. With immersive video and sound installations, landscape interventions, and other direct sensory experiences, the artists’ pieces seek to challenge the way the audience sees and experiences the universe. The exhibition features works by Tara Donovan, Emilija Škarnulyte, Sissel Marie Tonn, and others.

Twin Øso by Emilija Škarnulyte, 2016.
(Courtesy Emilija Škarnulyte)

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