Holesome Fun

Vote for your favorite Storefront Critical Halloween costume!

Vote for your favorite Storefront Critical Halloween costume! (Photo by Jena Cumbo, Courtesy Storefront for Art and Architecture)

Where else would cartons of milk, Alice in Wonderland, and Courtney Love come together except at HOLES, this year’s Critical Halloween event thrown by the Storefront for Art and Architecture?

The theme invited reflections on the voids in our material and political landscapes, and, of course, a fair range of NSFW puns. After all, holes “question our perceptions of matter and space, constructing, revealing, and inviting us to reflect upon what is real…and what is not.” This year, the party’s setting at the Museum of Sex provided a more than apt environment for play and disguise, with plenty of room for all the Andy Warhols and Yayoi Kusamas to gallavant alongside the Rhino Booleans and other missing, absent and broken sequences.

But, as always, the question that remains after the candy showers is: who did it best? Scroll through the candidates, click any thumbnail for a closer look, and select an option from the survey below. Then, click “Done” to cast your vote for the “People’s Choice” costume! Voting runs until Friday, November 10th, 11:59 pm EST. (All images are courtesy Storefront for Art and Architecture; they appear in the chronological order that guests registered.)

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