Taco Mode

A new service from Lyft delivers hungry people to Taco Bell

A new service from Lyft delivers hungry people to Taco Bell. (Courtesy Lyft)

Sometime in the near future—or so they say—everyone will be able to have anything and everything delivered right to their doorsteps by robots and drones, at the press of a button. But ridesharing company Lyft has plans to flip that possible future on its head by delivering people to the goods—in this case, Taco Bell tacos.

As part of a new partnership with Taco Bell, Lyft is currently testing its so-called “Taco Mode” service, a feature that allows riders and drivers to visit select Taco Bell locations while riding Lyft en route to their late-night destinations. The promotion, which kicks in at 9 p.m., runs until 2 a.m. and includes a free Doritos Locos Taco for participating riders, opens a new frontier in the shared economy—challenging the currently taboo practice of eating in shared vehicles. Luckily, the feature is available on an opt-in basis and drivers are still allowed to set individual rules for their vehicles.

The service was tested across several Orange County, California, Taco Bell restaurants this summer in advance of a potential 2018 nationwide rollout. Lyft will gauge feedback from the service as it moves forward with bringing Taco Mode—and maybe even additional drive-thru services—to additional cities.

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