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An ophidian staircase, Chicago Biennial prep, and other updates from the architects of Instagram

An ophidian staircase, Chicago Biennial prep, and other updates from the architects of Instagram. Pictured here: A sketch for Archive of Affinities' Chicago Biennial model. (Andrew Kovacs/Image via Instagram)

At The Architect’s Newspaper, we’re plain addicted to Instagram. Sure, we love seeing Brutalist concrete through “Inkwell” or “Ludwig” filters, but there’s also no better place to see where architects are getting their inspiration, how they’re documenting the built environment, and where they’ve traveled of late.

Below, we bring you some of the best Instagrams of this past week! (Also, don’t forget to check out our Instagram account here.)

With summer drawing to a close, it’s time to lay eyes on fall fun, and what better place to start than IG? Although Archtober, New York AIA’s October architecture bonanza, is a full month away, the Chicago Biennial opens in just two weeks. Though we didn’t find studio pics of bleary-eyed architects on a work binge, surrounded by takeout containers, we did see participating firms working furiously on their installations for the second iteration of the Biennial. Check out a few projects below:

Andrew Kovacs (Archive of Affinities) debuted the colorful first drawing for his Biennial model on Instagram yesterday.


1st Sketch for our @chicagoarchitecturebiennial model @erin.k.wright @ocaptainuniverse

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And at Bureau Spectacular, model-making is underway.

Work in progress #chicagoarchitecturebiennial #bureauspectacular #spaceship #loos #villamuller #villamooler

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Meanwhile, CAMESgibson is hard at work on some sunshine.


Well done.

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On the other side of the world, OMA is showing off pics of the nearly-complete Lab City, an engineering school in Paris.

And finally, just look at 3XN‘s magnificent staircase for UN City Copenhagen. Its sinuous curves respond to the dialogue and connection the UN fosters, but it also resembles a writhing snake coated in chocolate shell. (There’s a technical term for that, right?)

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