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Free School of Architecture moving locations

Free School of Architecture moving locations. Seen here: the school's new location, The Container Yard. (Courtesy The Container Yard)

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Los Angeles–based architect and educator Peter Zellner recently announced that his controversial Free School of Architecture (FSA) would be moving locations. The school’s inaugural class has grown from an original number of 12 to 38 when FSA’s board of directors are added to the mix, the number jumps to 70. As a result, FSA is moving out of the Architecture + Design Museum in L.A.’s Arts District and into The Container Yard, a collaborative arts space located almost directly across the street. We have to wonder if Zellner is learning from the original rogue schoolmaster, Peter Eisenman, as we are hearing that Zellner is dating Peter’s daughter. Eisenman started the famous Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in 1967, and would be a perfect instigator for the fledgling FSA.

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