The exhibition that opened on May 27 at the Steven Holl–designed ‘T’ Space Gallery in Rhinebeck, New York, is one of the most imaginative achievements ever made by Neil Denari.

Neil M. Denari Architects (NMDA) has created a series of projects over the last seven years ranging from port terminals to museums. Each project originated and was designed for a specific context in various cities.

(Courtesy Steven Myron Holl Foundation via Neil M. Denari Architects)

Some of the drawings here were made in an intense period of work in the last six months. Seen together they present the designs of Neil Denari in a completely new light. Free of earlier preoccupations such as the transfer of technology and industrial design to architecture, here in Rhinebeck we are witnessing a fully imaginative leap into terra incognita. We are launched into the world of imaginative architecture, into the architecture of the possible. Not far from Piranesi etchings, and as far away from the inevitable pragmatic constraints of the here and now.

This is an invitation to reimagine an urban landscape that has never been and never will be. Taking us into completely unknown territories, these works constitute a ‘salto mortale’ that will certainly inspire generations of young architects before giving into the expediency of clients and banal programs. Never before have Neil Denari’s drawings have inspired us so much as these displaced buildings in an aperiodic city. Indeed, they bear their own time capsule within their own imaginary places.

(Courtesy Steven Myron Holl Foundation via Neil M. Denari Architects)

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