Designed in 1955 for Joyce and John Rayward, this Frank Lloyd Wright house was completed by its second owner Herman R. Shepherd, who purchased the property in 1964. (It’s variously known as the John L. Rayward House, Rayward–Shepherd House, or Tirranna, which means “running waters” in the Australian aboriginal language.)

The seven-bedroom house extends over almost 7,000 square feet in a hemicycle plan. It abuts the Noroton River and features gardens by Frank Okamura and Charles Middeleer; the latter was the first bonsai curator at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The house itself features a diverse material palette, from various hardwoods to concrete blocks and gold leaf chimneys, as well as a sprawling collection of amenities: “double master baths, a rooftop observatory with telescope, an interior courtyard, caretakers suite, guest studio, pool, tennis court, large barn and sculpture paths through the woods leading down to the river.”

Vincent Benic Architect worked to restore the project’s exterior envelope in 1999. For more on the property, which is listed for $8,000,000, see its property description here.

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