From downhome country to big city living, the apron-front sink has made its way into kitchens everywhere. With beautiful designs, a variety of material options and large convenient bowls, the apron front sink seems to be the current trend of choice for designers and homeowners alike.

Usually, designs, whether in fashion or the home make their debut on runways and showrooms in big cities before trickling down in to smaller, rural areas—interestingly enough, the opposite can be said for apron front sinks. The rural and rustic design style, complete with farmhouse tables and sinks and wide planked flooring got its start many decades ago in small country areas where the demand for large bowls in the kitchen was high. Intelligently designed with an exposed front for more internal space and made for comfort and convenience, the apron front sink trend has quickly been adapted, making its way into city homes all over the world.

As life at home has become centralized around the kitchen and the demand for apron-front sinks continues to rise, companies like BLANCO have expanded the options for apron-front sinks offering it in many materials and colors. The BLANCO PROFINA™ apron-front sink is made from Fireclay while the BLANCO IKON® is the first ever SILGRANIT® granite composite apron front sink. Stainless steel is also an option with the BLANCO QUATRUS™.

No matter the preference for material or color, one thing is certain, the apron front sink trend is one that is here to stay!

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