Masterpieces & Curiosities

"Memphis Does Hanukkah" at the Jewish Museum

"Memphis Does Hanukkah" at the Jewish Museum. (Courtesy the Jewish Museum)

Masterpieces & Curiosities: Memphis Does Hanukkah features Los Angeles–based designer and artist Peter Shire‘s Menorah #7 (1986) and is part of a series of exhibitions that looks at the individual works in the museum’s collection. One of the original members of Milan design collective Memphis Group, Shire has dabbled with Judaica objects numerous times throughout his career—making use of oddly shaped and balanced geometries, fabricated with industrial materials, bright colors, and “finish-fetish” detailing. This is evidenced in the Menorah #7, currently on display. The work is synonymous with the Memphis aesthetic established by Ettore Sottsass and is exhibited alongside vintage Memphis pieces by Shire, Sottsass, and Michele de Lucchi, as well as related ephemera.

Masterpieces & Curiosities: Memphis Does Hanukkah
The Jewish Museum
1109 5th Avenue
New York
Through February 12, 2017

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