Celebrating handmade art at day three of Design Miami/

(Courtesy MKG127 Gallery)

The Architect’s Newspaper is reporting on day three of Design Miami/ from the Untitled, Art tent on Ocean Drove and 12th street. There you can find art for the everyman; prices are in the range of affordable or only slightly out of reach. But the show also has many examples of industrial design or work created by artists who fall into the space between art and architecture, or even urbanism.

One obvious quality of much of the best work at Untitled, Art is the element of craft or the handmade that is frankly absent in most of both the early 20th century objects or the luxury products made for the .001%. For example, here at Untitled, Art handicraft is celebrated by Toronto’s MKG127 Gallery, who’s displaying handmade and painted wooden objects by Roula Partheniou. Her designs feature colorful paint brushes (with handmade wooden nails for hanging on walls) and small tools, also for wall installation. Craft and qualities of the handmade are still alive and being brought back into the marketplace in art fairs but not by artists by industrial designers.

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