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New London gallery focuses on architectural drawings

New London gallery Betts Projects focuses on architectural drawings. (Courtesy Betts Projects)

There is a new gallery in London that should be on every architect’s list of places to visit in the English capital.

Betts Project at 100 Central street specializes in architectural drawings. The creator of the gallery, Marie Coulon, intends for the space to focus “on new ways of discovering and thinking about architecture by revealing the artistic qualities of architectural objects.” Coulon is a young French curator who has a passion for architecture and believes in exhibiting architectural drawings that are works of art more than technical drawings. The gallery displays and supports drawings that are personal and artful.

Work by Fred Scott featured in Betts Project's In Search of the Lost Artwork exhibition. (Courtesy Betts Project)

Work by Fred Scott featured in Betts Project’s In Search of the Lost Artwork exhibition. (Courtesy Betts Project)

In the past ten months, Betts Project has exhibited small-scale digital sketches by Tony Fretton, ink drawings by Pier Vittorio Aureli, sketches by Peter Märkli alongside reliefs by Hans Josephsohn, gouache and mixed media works by Lars Lerup, renderings by OFFICE, Kersten Geers, Peter Wilson, David Van Severen, and photographs by Bas Princen.

The gallery has just opened an exhibit In Search of the Lost Artwork (through December 22) that features British architectural theorist Fred Scott and encompasses his fifty-year career of drawing.

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