Art of the Hack

MIT Media Lab to hold third annual hackathon

MIT Media Lab to hold third annual hackathon. (Courtesy Vitra)

300 students and professionals will have just 24 hours to design, build, and present their creations at this year’s 2016 Hacking Arts Festival. Running from November 19th to 20th and hosted at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the hackathon will feature teams from the fields of “design, fashion, film/video, gaming, music, performing arts, virtual/augmented reality, and visual arts.” Last year’s grand prize winner “created virtual realities of famous works of art including American Gothic and the Birth of Venus” that could be experienced with a VR headset. As with last year, the 2016 Hacking Arts Festival will feature a conference and tech expo, both on the 19th.

Vitra to install Garage Environment in the MIT Media Lab at the 2016 Hacking Arts Festival. (Courtesy Vitra)

Vitra will install a “Garage” environment—anchored by its Konstantin Grcic-designed “Hack” products—in the MIT Media Lab at the 2016 Hacking Arts Festival. (Courtesy Vitra)

Vitra—one of the event’s top-tier sponsors, along with Adobe and Autodesk—has furnished the hackathon with its newly released “Hack” products. Designed by Konstantin Grcic, the Hack system features an unfinished aesthetic that matches its versatility: It’s designed for easy disassembly, transport, and modification for different user configurations and office functions.

Early bird tickets are sold-out, but other tickets are still available.

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