The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) has launched the Richard Rogers Fellowship. The program will use esteemed British architect Lord Richard Rogers’s seminal south London dwelling to host a residency program in aid of architectural and urban research.

Situated in Wimbledon, the Grade II listed building was built in 1969 and commissioned by Rogers’s parents, Dada and William Nino Rogers. The colorful residence, regarded by many as a British modern masterpiece, emulates the aesthetic that was popular on the U.S. West Coast at the time and features a prefabricated yellow steel structure which is made visible by a glazed facade. Rogers donated the home to Harvard GSD earlier this year, despite the building briefly going on the market for nearly $4.8 million in 2013.

The new Harvard GSD fellowship is open “accomplished professionals and scholars working in any field related to the built environment…. And is dedicated to advancing research on a wide range of issues—social, economic, technological, political, environmental—that are critical to shaping the contemporary city,” said the school in a press release. “The Fellowship is inspired by Lord Rogers’s commitment to cross-disciplinary investigation and engagement, evident across his prolific output as an architect, urbanist, author, and activist.”

Dada Rogers' pottery. (Courtesy RHSP)

Dada Rogers’s pottery. (Courtesy RHSP)

By occupying the building, the school said they aim to ensure that the property continues to be used as a residence. Six fellows will be granted three-month terms at the house each year along with travel expenses to London, and $10,000 cash prize. “The goal of the residency program is to support research that addresses alternative and sustainable urban futures,” the school said.

The Harvard GSD is now accepting applications to the fellowship. Candidates are required to have completed a Bachelor’s degree, though the school stated their preference for “advanced degrees.” A CV, portfolio of design work and/or research work, and research proposal must be submitted by November 28 of this year. More information can be found here.

Winners will be announced in early December 2016.

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