Minimalist masters Muji are offering up the chance for a two-year stay in their new, fully-furnished “Window House” for free. Located in Kamakura, roughly 31 miles south of Tokyo, the house—in keeping with its name—features windows on all four sides.

In the living room, large windows facilitate expansive views onto the garden. A skylight allows further light in from above. With its typical minimalist white interior and open floor plan, this light is reflected throughout the space. Small eaves attached to the top of these windows reduce solar gain in the summer, stopping excess heating.

Muji window house

(Courtesy Muji)

The Window House is the largest from Muji so far. Last year they unveiled the Vertical House as well as an assortment of much smaller residences. Applicants who want a free stay in the house don’t have to be Japanese, though will have to be able to read and speak it. This due to the fact that Muji is eager to collect feedback on the house and the experiences of its long-term inhabitants. During this process, the residents will report back regularly to Muji’s designers and research team. As an added bonus, once the two-year stint is over the former residents will receive Muji furniture for life.

Applications are currently open and close at the end of the month. You can sign up here.

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