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Donald Trump's VP pick is from architectural mecca Columbus, Indiana

Donal Trump's likely VP, Mike Pence. (image via WEBZ)

The New York Times is reporting that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President. Pence hails from Columbus, Indiana, the small Midwest town best known for its world-class collection of High and Late Modern architecture. Pence had long represented the town in the United States House of Representatives before assuming the governorship. Pence was born in Columbus in 1959, and was marinated in modernism. He’s a very conservative evangelical Christian who was undoubtedly was influenced by J. Irwin Miller, the industrial mogul and philanthropist who commissioned the town’s modern architecture.

The Times reports:

A low-key man largely defined in public life by his Christian faith, Mr. Pence, 57, is seen as a cautious choice of running mate — a political partner who is unlikely to embarrass Mr. Trump, and who may help him shore up support among conservative voters still wary of his candidacy.

His staunch conservative views on certain social issues, like gay rights and abortion, may inject a new set of concerns into the general election debate that have been largely overlooked with Mr. Trump at the top of the Republican ticket.

For Mr. Trump, selecting Mr. Pence would be a sharp departure from habit, and the surest sign yet that he intends to submit to at least some standard political pressures in the general election.

The Architect’s Newspaper will have more on this developing story and what it might mean for the town that has until now avoided this kind of attention.

First Christian Church (Courtesy Ricky Berkey)

First Christian Church. (Courtesy Ricky Berkey)

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