Father Knows Best

Friends of the Parks called “gang” by South Side Chicago priest


Chicago’s Father Michael Pfleger has never been afraid to say what is on his mind. With the announcement of Chicago’s loss of the Lucas Museum, Fr. Pfleger had some harsh words for the Friends of the Parks. Taking to Facebook and Twitter Fr.Pfleger called the group an “elitist GANG.”

When asked to elaborate by DNA Info, Fr. Pfleger doubled down on his remarks saying, “Let’s call them what they are: They’re a gang of self-righteous elitist people…. Tell me the difference between Friends of the Parks and the Gangster Disciples?”

His remarks have set off a firestorm in local and social media. Though few would argue Fr. Pfleger’s knowledge of South Side violence gangs, the remarks go far to highlight the divisive passion surrounding the Lucas Museum project.

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