Presented as a show about shows, As Seen: Exhibitions That Made Architecture and Design History contains materials and imagery from 11 group design and architecture exhibitions from 1956 to 2006. Along with the material, critical and scholarly discourse from each show’s time gives insight into the discussion surrounding the show and the discipline when the work was originally presented. As Seen is a small part of a larger line of inquiry that was initiated as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial 2014. Designed by New York-based exhibition and identity design practice Project Projects, As Seen is sponsored by the Architecture & Design Society. The show was originally curated by Zoë Ryan for the 2014 Istanbul Design Biennial. The Art Institute iteration of the exhibition has been curated by Zoë Ryan, Meredith Caruthers, and Karen Kice.

As Seen: Exhibitions That Made Architecture and Design History is on view through August 15th at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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