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Winners announced for 2016 Architectural League of New York Prize for Young Architects + Designers

Ultramoderne—one of this year's winners—also won the Chicago Architecture Biennial's Lakefront Kiosk Competition with this entry.(Ultramoderne)

Now in its 35th iteration, the The Architectural League of New York’s Prize for Young Architects + Designers revealed its winners for 2016. Past winners have included SOFTlab (2012), Ma Yansong & Yosuke Hayano (2006), Claire Weisz & Mark Yoes (1993), and countless more.

The theme of this year’s prize was “(im)permanence”—in the words of the League,(im)permanence “asks how time affects architecture’s assertion of style, methods of assembly, and relationship to program, thus altering our expectations of permanent structures in an impermanent environment.”

The winners are:

Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy, DESIGN EARTH, Cambridge, MA and Ann Arbor, MI

Juan Alfonso Garduño Jardón, G3 Arquitectos, Querétaro, Mexico

Neyran Turan and Mete Sonmez, NEMESTUDIO, San Francisco, CA

Neeraj Bhatia, The Open Workshop, San Francisco, CA

Hubert Pelletier and Yves de Fontenay, Pelletier de Fontenay, Montreal, Canada

Yasmin Vobis and Aaron Forrest, Ultramoderne, Providence, RI

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