Analog BKNY

Courtesy Analog BKNY

177 Second Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Tel: 845-313-5798
Designer: Michael Bruno

Located in the center of Gowanus, Analog BKNY is vying to challenge established hotspots in Williamsburg and Bushwick as a go-to club in New York. Operating in a former tenement building, the 5,000-square-foot venue is painted black with fluorescent light beams on the ceiling in the shape of a maze.

Michael Bruno, who is both manager and designer of the club, said he wanted to “draw attention to the dance floor” when creating the space for Analog BKNY. In addition to the maze field lights above, single light beams lie on the walls, each alternating in color to give the effect of an electric-powered rainbow. Hanging just above the bar area are white lollipop lamps, with a large disco ball crowning over the entire space. Both add a whimsical feel to what can only be described as the Mad Hatter’s tea party with a twist.

One of Analog BKNY’s defining features is its handcrafted sound system built by co-manager Craig Bernabeu. The analog speaker system has unique amplifiers with no limiters or compressors, giving the music an unfiltered and pure sound. Bernabeu, who owns manufacturing company SBS Designs, has also engineered sound systems at places like the now-defunct Twilo in Manhattan and Stereo in Montreal. With its one-of-kind sound and colorful dance floor, Analog BKNY seems set to offer New Yorkers an eclectic and buzzing night out.

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