Studio Gang chosen to design U.S. embassy in Brazil

Studio Gang recently release the design for a fire station in New York. (Courtesy Studio Gang)

Studio Gang recently release the design for a fire station in New York. (Courtesy Studio Gang)

The State Department’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) has announced that Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects has been chosen to design a U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil.

Interior, looking east (Courtesy Studio Gang)

Studio Gang was recently chosen to design an extension to the American Museum of Natural History. (Courtesy Studio Gang)

This project will be part of the OBO’s ongoing Capital Security Construction Program, which has constructed 129 diplomatic facilities in the last 17 years. The Program also has 55 projects that are either in the design phase or under construction.

The Studio Gang Embassy will be located in will be a multi-building campus on the existing 12-acre Chancery complex within the city’s “Diplomatic Sector.” The project will include the Marine Security Guard Residence, a chancery, support facilities, perimeter security, and other facilities for the Embassy community.

Interior, looking west to Theodore Roosevelt Park (Courtesy Studio Gang)

Interior, looking west in proposed American Museum of Natural History. (Courtesy Studio Gang)

Studio Gang was selected from a short list of six other offices. The State Department noted in its press release, “Studio Gang presented a strong and cohesive team approach with more than 20 years of collaborative experience executing projects with complex constraints at challenging sites.”

This stage of the process was just a selection of the participating office. The design for the project will start in the coming months.

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