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The Istanbul proposal by Atelier ddArchitecture Autoggrre + SUPERPOOL was part of MoMA’s exhibition on Tactical Urbanism..
Atelier ddArchitecture Autoggrre + SUPERPOOL

In AN‘s review section, we ask architecture and design’s best thinkers, writers, and critics to share their thoughts on the latest architectural shows, books, and exhibitions. Here’s what got them talking in 2015.


Architecture of Unrealized Potential

Sukjong Hong visits the tactical urbanism exhibit, Uneven Growth, at MoMA.

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Doodling in the Grid

Aaron Betsky finds a chorus of ad-hoc proposals in the sprawling Chicago Biennial.



Third Age

Young-Old: Urban Utopias of an Aging Society explores how Baby Boomers want to live in retirement.


Green Futurism In Vitro

The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform explores the intersection of energy, politics and architecture.


Free Bjarke Ingels

BIG’s HOT TO COLD leans heavily on progressive concepts, speculative work, and graphic fireworks.


As Is

See 16 modern homes in New Canaan, Connecticut, in their contemporary conditions.


Da Vinci For Our Day

The Hammer Museum looks at Heatherwick Studio’s problem-solving approach to design.


Lotus-Eaters Lost

David Heymann’s first novel describes the disappointment of an architect designing for the new rich.


The Ongoing Reign of Modernism

The Center for Architecture investigates how the tenets of modernism were applied in Czechoslovakia.

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