Rendering of BIG and Heatherwick Studio’s plan for Google.
Courtesy BIG / Heatherwick Studio

In our Comment section, we ask the industry’s leading minds to offer their thoughts on all things architecture. Our contributors debated the impacts of Google on modernism and California’s Bay Area, while Reinier de Graaf, Jim Venturi, and Charles Birmbaum tackled topics ranging from economic policy to the Frick and Michael Sorkin distilled a career’s worth of knowledge into a list of the 250 things every architect should know.


Michael Sorkin

Two hundred and fifty things an architect should know.

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Reinier De Graaf

Reinier de Graaf tracks the history of economic policy through architecture.



The Case for Zumthor

Architecture and the court of public opinion.


Jim Venturi

Instead of closing LaGuardia, let’s fix it and close Rikers.


John Marx and Pierluigi Serraino

The Bay Area authors and architects on pursuing a tighter fit between form and emotion.


Charles Birnbaum

On the national significance of the Frick’s Page Garden.


The Legacy of Architecture for Humanity

While the loss of the organization should be mourned, important work continues, argues Jessica Garz.


Alan Hess

Alan Hess says Googie is as modern as a Craig Ellwood house.


John Pastier

A-list architects occupy Silicon Valley with planned Google headquarters leading the way.

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