Marvel at the time-lapse renderings of Nolita's 34 Prince Street

34 Prince Street, 1980 (Courtesy MARCH)

34 Prince Street, 1980. (Courtesy MARCH)

Those feeling nostalgic for the New York of yesterday can feast on time lapse renderings by Brooklyn-based MARCH for Marvel Architects‘ 34 Prince Street. The New York firm is converting the former convent, orphanage, and school into luxury residences. Newly released renderings depict the 1825 Federal-style building as it was in 1900, 1940, 1980, and 2016 (the project’s expected completion date).

34 Prince Street, 2016 (Courtesy MARCH)

34 Prince Street, 2016. (Courtesy MARCH)

The structure, part of the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral‘s holdings, will be converted into eight condos and a townhouse, with a starting price of $7.74 million. A second, glass brick townhouse will be constructed on the site, as well. The church will move to a 6,100 square foot ground floor space.

34 Prince Street, 1900 (Courtesy MARCH)

34 Prince Street, 1900. (Courtesy MARCH)

They may not contain fireworks or butterflies, but the historically accurate details (check out the telegraph wires, above) and the range of color tones make it look like they were shot on film.

34 Prince Street, 1940 (Courtesy MARCH)

34 Prince Street, 1940. (Courtesy MARCH)

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