12 Warren Condominiums starts to reveal its final form

(Jason Sayer / AN)

(Jason Sayer / AN)

Tribeca’s 12 Warren Condominiums (formerly 12 Warren Street) is finally stripping down with the public now getting a glimpse of the building’s distinguished facade. Development and design firm DDG is bucking the trend of the usual glass luxury building that are commonplace all over Manhattan, instead opting for the naturalistic texture of rough stone.

A short while ago, AN reported that the DDG building at 12 Warren St. sat “shrouded in canvas-covered scaffolding” with the design hidden from the eyes of the public. Teasing renderings were leaking out, but now we know more as the structure’s shroud is peeling away.

As the first pieces of scaffolding are removed, the unique bluestone facade, punctuated with a mix of textures and forms, is slowly being revealed. DDG told AN  that the scaffolding will be fully removed within two weeks, with the facade being able to be viewed in all its glory. For now, here’s your first glimpse at the structure’s unique facade.

The stone, which is the dominant feature on facade, is locally sourced from a bluestone quarry in upstate New York. This is not the first time DDG has employed the material throughout one of their buildings. The material can also be seen in action at the already complete DDG project on 41 Bond Street in Noho, a couple miles north.

Quarry in upstate NY whee the bluestone comes from (Courtesy DDG)

Quarry in upstate NY where the bluestone comes from. (Courtesy DDG)

In addition to this the facade, the building will also incorporate exposed brick masonry and board-formed concrete detailing. DDG is aiming for LEED certification on the project. The 13-story structure will have extensive full-floor duplex and triplex dwellings, many of which will offer private outdoor space and direct elevator entry.

Occupancy is expected to begin in early 2016

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