Study shows that Washington, D.C.'s bike-share program is reducing traffic congestion

Introduced in London by mayor Boris Johnson, 'Boris Bikes' have been a hit. ( Chris Sampson / Flickr )

Introduced in London by mayor Boris Johnson, ‘Boris Bikes’ have been a hit. (Chris Sampson / Flickr )

Research by Casey J. Wichman for the think tank Resources for the Future (RFF) has found a causal relationship between bike sharing programs and traffic congestion in Washington, D.C.

In a report summary by the RFF, “findings show a reduction in DC traffic congestion of an average two to three percent that can be attributed to the presence of a Capital Bikeshare dock.”

Wichman emphasizes the importance of such schemes noting its “health, environmental, and traffic congestion benefits.”

Another finding was that in areas adjacent to those with bike docks, traffic congestion actually increased. Wichman hypothesized that this might be the case due to drivers possibly opting “to avoid streets populated with cyclists.”

[h/t Planetizen.]

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