Voila! Zaha Hadid reinvents construction scaffolding with Allongé at her High Line condo tower


(Courtesy Related Companies)

Should you be strolling along the High Line during the next couple weeks, you may encounter a temporary construction shed at the site of Zaha Hadid‘s condominium project going up at 520 West 28th Street.


(Courtesy Scott Lynch and Curbed NY)

No typical plywood-and-pipe-scaffolding this, however. A quasi-tunnel of translucent fabric stretches more than 100 feet along the elevated park. And it even has a name.

As reported by Curbed NY, the shelter is has been dubbed christened Allongé. (We’ll save you the trouble of finding your Larousse; that word translates as “lengthened.”) Reassuringly, this Zaha-designed enclosure is sheltered by a code-compliant structure that will protect passers-by from any real falling debris.


(Courtesy Max Touhey and Curbed NY)

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