SO-IL's design for this ambitious art gallery in Brooklyn responds to the neighborhood's industrial past


(Courtesy SO-IL)

Brooklyn-based architecture firm SO-IL is adding to its portfolio of art galleries. Slated to open in 2017, Artes Amant will house 14,250 square feet of exhibition, storage, and studio spaces behind its confident concrete facade.


(Courtesy SO-IL)

Lit by windows strategically placed along the edges of the building, the interior spaces promise to play with the perception of light and shadow, plane and line. The gallery will be located in Brooklyn and its form is “visually and spatially marked by its industrial past,” according to SO-IL’s website.

SO-IL continues:

The self-supporting geometry of these shells exists in tension with programming, light, and circulation. The constant calibration of these constraints inform the contours of the building.

Apertures in the shells capture and carry natural light into a nearly edgeless interior, challenging the perception of a defined space. Across the building’s exterior, edges and seams slip in and out of appearance. Throughout the building’s suppleness and muted palette play with ambiguity and legibility; neither monumental nor prosaic, instead it entices.

Judging from the section drawings, there will be some interesting volumes to explore on the top floor of the four-story building.

The fluid form of the building bears some resemblance to the firm’s earlier Kukje Art Center in Seoul, South Korea.


(Courtesy SO-IL)


(Courtesy SO-IL)


(Courtesy SO-IL)

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