Shipping container wunderkind SG Blocks teams up with Farm Stores to create drive-thru outlets

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(Courtesy SG Blocks)

(Courtesy SG Blocks)

Self-contained, prefabricated, and already an architectural craze, shipping containers could be the key to cost-efficient franchising. SG Blocks has partnered with Farm Stores, the nation’s largest drive-thru chain, to design and engineer a prototype for fast-assembling new Farm Stores.

Based in New York, the firm works with architects, builders, and developers to build sturdy, environmentally-friendly multipurpose spaces from code-engineered shipping containers. Their mobile solutions dovetail especially well with F&B and retail companies, such as the Colorado ski-slope showroom which the firm built for Mini Cooper and the LACOSTE L!ve mobile retail solution, which can expand from 160 to 480 square feet.

The Farm Store will be an energy-efficient, 640-foot drive-thru store, which like all other Farm Store outlets, combines a drive-thru grocery store, bakery and quick-service restaurant. “These stores will be efficiently designed as fully modular prefabricated units to aid franchises in a rapid site activation, helping more easily establish Farm Store locations in new neighborhoods,” said Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks.

“Faster store completion” and “quicker return on investment” are two key benefits to building these franchise stores with shipping containers, according to Farm Store Chief Operating Officer, Maurice Bared. Self-contained and non-combustible, shipping containers come in standard lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet. They measure eight feet wide universally and are thus invariably stackable.

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