Eavesdrop> Tales of bullying from a young Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry. (Courtesy Gehry Technologies; Montage by AN)

Frank Gehry. (Courtesy Gehry Technologies; Montage by AN)

In a recent essay for the forthcoming book Getting There: A Book of Mentors by Gillian Zoe Segal, Frank Gehry reminisced about his childhood in Canada. “My family was one of approximately 30 Jewish families in our town—Timmins, Ontario—and for a while, I was the only Jewish kid at my school. I used to get beat up regularly for ‘killing Christ.’”

Perhaps that’s why he has such a thick skin today when dealing with critics and internet commenters.

Gehry also talks about how his shrink and mentor, Milton Wexler, helped him combat criticism from peers in his early career: “Screw them! There aren’t any rules. Just because they did it that way last week doesn’t mean you have to do it that way today.”

So did his therapist also advise young Gehry, when in doubt, and if words won’t suffice, just flip the bird to a meddlesome critic?

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