Eavesdrop> Hocus Pocus: Leak in David Copperfield's pool sends water flowing through his 57th Street penthouse

(Image courtesy Google; Montage by AN)

(Image courtesy Google; Montage by AN)

David Copperfield can saw himself in half, fly around theaters, and even make the Statue of Liberty disappear, but he cannot keep gallons of water inside his penthouse pool in Manhattan.

The New York Post reported that a pump inside the magician’s lap-pool recently malfunctioned, causing water to drain into his four-story penthouse. Making matters worse, the water traveled from Copperfield’s place on the 57th floor all the way down to apartments on the 20th floor.

Copperfield was in Las Vegas at the time, but was reportedly very distraught to hear what happened to his neighbors—sorry, his art collection. “David was terrified,” Ted Blumberg, Copperfield’s lawyer, told the Post, “because he has these rare, vintage Coney Island machines, which are priceless, irreplaceable antiques, including a fortune teller, strength testers, an electric shock machine, and shooting galleries.”

Back in 2010, the magician had his apartment’s windows blown in by a mysterious gust of wind, sending shards plummeting to the streets below. It sounds like the place might just be cursed, or something.

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